Are the NNT and NNH for tPA Useful or Misleading in Acute Stroke Care?

December 2, 2020

Moderator: William A. Knight IV, MD, FACEP, FNCS
Other Participants: Natalie P. Kreitzer, MD, MS

Stroke treatment data are hard to interpret and can be misleading. A lot of misinformation has made its way into the literature and has confounded acute stroke care. Understanding NNT and NNH can help clinicians understand risks and benefits in a meaningful way.

Dr. Natalie Kreitzer, and Emergency Medicine trained Neurointensivists, researcher and stroke physician breaks down the NNT and NNH for tPA and how they apply to acute stroke care. In her discussion with Dr. Knight, she shares her insights into the data and how to apply them to best choose therapy for your acute stroke patients and how to avoid the traps of misleading statistics. A must listen for anyone interested in the real risks of tPA. 

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