The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the NIHSS: Time for a Change?

August 31, 2021

Moderator: Jordan Bonomo, MD, FCCM, FNCS
Other Participants: Moshè A. Mizrahi, MD

This podcast dives deep into the NIHSS and the benefits and limitations of the stroke scale that we all know and love. Dr. Mizrahi takes the listener through the NIHSS, the right neurology exam at the bedside, posterior circulation assessments and the cost of increasing accuracy at the expense of reliability. Interrater disparities are a fundamental objection to changing the NIHSS. If we changed the NIHSS, how would we use historical scales in research? This podcast addresses the NIHSS in the context of cultural bias, history an bedside execution. "Score what you see and not what you think.." These and other pearls abound in this engaging podcast with Dr. Mizrahi.

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