Blocking and Tackling - The Fundamentals of Stroke CT Interpretation

May 19, 2021

Moderator: William A. Knight IV, MD, FACEP, FNCS
Other Participants: Charles Kircher, MD, FAHA

Emergency Medicine and Neurocritical Care physician, Charles Kircher, MD discusses the Emergency Medicine approach to interpreting the non-contrast head CT in patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke in this podcast recorded with Dr. William Knight. Dr. Kircher breaks down the basics of the initial approach to the stroke head CT. From "ruling out" hemorrhage to recognizing prior stroke, intracranial lesions, and prior neurologic surgery, Drs. Kircher and Knight discuss the Emergency Medicine approach and role in CT interpretation. They discuss tricky areas to not miss, the importance of symmetry and briefly review the ASPECTS score of grading early brain ischemia.

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