The New Standards for Prehospital Stroke Patient Destinations; the Dawn of a New Era in EMS

March 11, 2021

Moderator: Jordan Bonomo, MD, FCCM, FNCS
Other Participants: Christopher T. Richards, MD, MS, FAEMS, FACEP

The destination for prehospital patients with suspected stroke has been controversial for many years. Should they be taken to the closest ED, the closest stroke ready hospital, or the closest comprehensive stroke center? Does rural, suburban, or urban location matter when selecting a receiving institution? The new AHA white paper addresses this and more.

Timed with the release of a new white paper by the AHA, this podcast with prehospital stroke expert Dr. Christopher Richards explores the best practices and new recommendations released on 3/11/21. Controversial topics of destination and timing of transport are addressed and a call to unify practices nationally in the face of compelling evidence are the foundations of the white paper and discussion with Dr. Richards, who co-authored the white paper. Listen in for a discussion that may change your understanding of prehospital stroke transport and the future of stroke EMS.   

To read the full article visit the AHA Journals website.

Podcast Duration13:03
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